At the 2014 AGM, SLA added Networks to its Articles of Continuance and Bylaws (2014).  This allows members to form groups around issues, topics, programs, and other themes.  More information is available in Section 3 and 6 of the SLA Governance Handbook.


– Written request by voting members of the Association to establish a network to meet SLA member needs.

– A Moderator will be selected, and will prepare Terms of Reference in consultation with the Executive Committee of SLA.

  • Terms of Reference must be ratified by SLA Board of Directors

Creative Collaborations Network (CCN)

CCN was formed out of a desire to facilitate and encourage the grass-roots development of partnerships among libraries in Saskatchewan. These partnerships, both formal and informal, could occur between libraries within a library sector or across library sectors.

CCN promotes informal, wide-ranging, no obligations conversations about possible partnership initiatives in areas such as shared programming and service delivery, ways to work together to reduce barriers to access within and across libraries, and initiatives that will improve or expand library effectiveness and/or the client experience.

CCN recognizes the important role that the Multitype Library Board (MLB) plays in the province and its responsibility for province-wide and/or province-led partnerships. Some ideas that are initiated within the CCN may well be better placed within the MLB; these initiatives may start as conversations or small partnerships through the CCN and progress or be referred to the MLB as they grow and develop.
Plan of Activities
• With infrastructure support from the Saskatchewan Library Association, maintain a communication tool (such as a blog, listserv, etc) for information sharing and conversation among network members
• Coordinate an annual creative collaborations conversation (C3) held in conjunction with the Saskatchewan Library Association’s annual conference
• Provide, at least annually, an overview of creative collaborations that have occurred among network members

To join the CCN, please contact the SLA Executive Director, and ask to be added to the Basecamp project.

Network Moderators:

Approved by the SLA Board of Directors January 19, 2015