SLA Committees

SLA is a member-driven organization with volunteers being elected to roles on the Board of Directors.  Additional volunteers join committees to work with the board on the events, activities, and initiatives of the organization.  Information on committee structure, duties, and responsibilities is found in Section 5 of the Governance Handbook. The Board of Directors continually reviews the Terms of Reference of the committees to ensure that the strategic directions and Strategic Plan will be actualized.

List of Committees

Information below will highlight the key work of each of the committees and the time commitment.  Committees normally meet by teleconference for 60-90 minutes every 4-8 weeks depending on the matters on the agenda and objectives for the year.  There is occasional work to take on between meetings.

Advocacy Committee 4 members
Monitors societal issues impacting libraries in Saskatchewan, and advocate on behalf of libraries. (Total committee size: 4-6)                                                                                                         Conference  Committee – 5 Members
Works on planning, organizing, and hosting the annual conference.                                        Continuing Education Committee – 2 Members
Develops ideas for continuing education for the membership, promote The Partnership initiatives, and select recipients for the Continuing Education Grants. (Total committee size: 4-5)
Fundraising Committee 2 Members
Develops, reviews, and maintains a fundraising plan, and selects recipients for the Maureen Woods Education Bursary and the Mary Donaldson Award of Merit. (Total committee size: 3-4)
Fundraising Committee includes Maureen Woods Education Bursary Subcommittee and Mary Donaldson Award of Merit Subcommittee
Membership Committee  – 2 Members
Broadens membership base and encourage networking and synergy through developing and reviewing a membership plan. (Total committee size: 3-4)                                                                          Fundraising Committee includes SLA Frances Morrison Award of Merit Subcommittee              Nominating Committee – 2 members
Determines open Board positions, calls for nominations, facilitates applications, and explains volunteer positions to prospective candidates (Total committee size: 3-4)
Programming Committee – 3 members
Helps direct SLA programming and continuing education opportunities, with the input from membership. (Total committee size: 4-5)
Programming Committee includes the Saskatchewan Library Week Subcommittee     Publications Committee – 3 Members
Develops, reviews, and maintains a communications plan.  Work includes overseeing the newsletter, website, and social media. (Total committee size: 3-4)
Resolutions Subcommittee –  2 Members
Calls for resolutions in early spring and supports the handling of resolutions at the AGM in May. (Total committee size: 1-2)
Conference Planning Committee (CPC) – several members
The Executive Committee of the CPC consists of the Conference Chair, the Local Arrangements Coordinator, the President, and the Executive Director.  The Committee Chairs include:  the Program Chair, the Communications Chair, the Volunteer Chair.  All volunteer committee members will work with these standing committees.  The  CPC Handbook   provides guidance for the work of the committees and will be updated in advance of each annual conference.


SLA Representatives to Other Organizations

SLA Representatives to Other Organizations