Membership with SLA provides you with many opportunities for involvement, professional development, program supports, and more.  Membership also offers you benefits not afforded to non-members.  You can be an individual member, an associate member, or be included in an institutional membership.  Each type of membership provides different  opportunities and benefits.

Membership Survey 2015

The SLA Board of Directors consults the membership in many ways:  getting feedback from articles in SLAte, surveys, and consultations at the annual conference.  SLA’s 2015 membership survey report is available in colour and grey scale.

In the past several years, SLA has held receptions around the province to provide opportunities for members to meet the Board face-to-face, network, and socialize together. These have been called President’s Receptions and more recently Saskatchewan Libraries Happy Hour.

Application and Renewal Forms and Benefits

Find information on membership forms for new memberships or renewal of memberships.  You can submit online and pay with PayPal or download to mail in.

Discounts and opportunities to purchase library related items at member prices through the Partnership.


SLA is a member-driven organization with volunteers being elected to roles on the Board of Directors.  Additional volunteers join committees to work with the board on the events, activities, and initiatives of the organization.  Information on committee structure, duties, and responsibilities is found in Section 5 of the Governance Handbook.


Gather your colleagues, share your interests, explore topics!!

Networks can help you communicate on a shared basis.  Contact the SLA Office for more information.OLA Store and Perkopolis