Library Toolshed

 A library training and promotion repository

The Library Toolshed,  provides a space for library staff to share, download and comment on library training and promotion resources. It is a joint initiative of Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan libraries.

Do I Need an Account?
You do not need an account to access any of the free, curated training and promotion materials in the repository. Visit the website and search for material by resource type, training topic or library region.

You do need an account if you want to share the documents you created with others. To share training materials created at your library, you’ll need to request an account. To request an account: visit The Library Toolshed website, select login and select create new account.

What Type of Information is Available?
The Library Toolshed has training material on a wide variety of topics, such as children’s programming, computer basics, eBooks, ILS, information literacy, library advocacy, social media and more. The materials are available in a variety of forms. Library staff can upload and download materials in the following document types: .doc, .docx, .ppt, .pptx, .pdf, YouTube, Vimeo and Prezis.

Any content uploaded to The Library Toolshed is shared using a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial 3.0 Unported License. This means that anyone downloading content from The Library Toolshed is free to reuse and modify the resource.

For more information, visit The Library Toolshed or contact

This page offers downloads to .pdf files. Acrobat Reader is required to view these files. You can download and install Acrobat Reader here: