Student Bursaries and Awards

Maureen Woods Education Bursary

The Saskatchewan Library Association (SLA) is pleased to accept applications for the Maureen Woods Education Bursary. This bursary was made possible with the generous donation from the Saskatchewan Provincial Library and Literacy Office, Saskatchewan Ministry of Education and through the efforts of the Multitype Library Board and SLA. The bursary was established to promote the continued growth of professional librarianship in the province of Saskatchewan. The bursary is administered by the Saskatchewan Library Association. SLA is offering a single bursary in the amount of $5,000.00.

History and Past Recipients

The Maureen Woods Education Bursary (originally called the Saskatchewan Libraries Education Bursary) was initiated by the Multitype Library Board in 1999 in response to a concern about recruitment that was becoming an increasing cross-sectoral library issue. There was an urgent need for recruitment, particularly in the rural and academic library settings. Subsequently, the Multitype Library Board formed a Public Relations Committee, led by Audrey Mark also heard from the library community that recruitment and retention was an important issue for all sectors. Action needed to be taken immediately, and work on the Saskatchewan Libraries Education Bursary began. The Multitype Library Board asked the Saskatchewan Library Association to partner with them. SLA agreed to administer the bursary. The Provincial Library and Literacy Office, a branch of the Ministry of Education, contributed funding to establish the bursary, and it became a reality in 2002. The first bursary was offered in 2003, and a second in 2004. Since then, the bursary has become an annual event.

2002 Christina Petrisor
2003 Lorraine Salt
2004 David Bindle
2005 Kelly McIvor
2006 Christine Varnam
2007 Kendra Bender
2008 Shauna May
2009 Shannon Lucky
2010 Zhizhong (Jack) Chang
2012 Justina Datta
2013 Michael Putnam
2014 Lisa Worobec
2015 Carrie Prefontaine
2016 Catherine Hana
2017 Chasity Berast

Application for Maureen Woods Education Bursary

Criteria 1: Eligibility

Candidates must be accepted or enrolled at the time of the award at the time of application in an ALA accredited graduate degree program in a Master of Library and Information Science or equivalent. Candidates must be willing to take up residence and employment in Saskatchewan for a period of one year following completion of their MLS program. Preference will be given to those candidates who are residents of Saskatchewan. Candidates must be Canadian citizens or landed immigrants. Candidates must not have received the bursary previously.

Criteria 2: Merit

Applications will be considered on the basis of academic achievement, leadership potential, interest in the profession, demonstration of competencies required of professional librarians of today, and interest/commitment to working in Saskatchewan. Merit will be based on the following: a) All post-secondary academic transcripts (to be sent directly to the SLA office) b) Two letters of reference, one academic and one employment, who can testify to the candidate’s academic achievement and professional ability, to be sent directly to the SLA office c) Up-to-date Resume d) Maximum one page letter by candidate demonstrating his/her interest in the profession with examples, interest/commitment to working in Saskatchewan, career goals and objectives, and community involvement. e) A short interview of finalists.

Grant Conditions:

  • Candidates will be considered according to the criteria established above.
  • Recipients must submit a progress report to the Executive Director on an annual basis until completion of the program. The report should include their status in the program and a copy of their transcripts.
  • Recipients must complete the Master’s Degree Program within five years of receipt of the grant.
  • Recipients will have a period of two years from the time they graduate to locate and accept professional employment in Saskatchewan.
  • Recipients must submit a progress report to the Executive Director on an annual basis until they secure professional employment in Saskatchewan. The report should include organizations contacted, positions applied to, and dates that applications were sent. Professional employment in Saskatchewan may include contract work but must be at least six months long in duration.
  • Recipients must be willing to sign a loan agreement undertaking to repay the bursary as a loan if the residency requirements are not fulfilled, or if the program is not successfully completed within five years.
  • Recipients must repay 80% or $4000 of funds if satisfactory employment in Saskatchewan is not found in the allotted period but a satisfactory search has been conducted in the province (including positions outside of Regina and Saskatoon). Otherwise failure to find employment in Saskatchewan will require the repayment of the entire amount .

Bursary funds shall be awarded to successful recipients in a single annual disbursement.


Maureen Woods Education Bursary Poster

The Board issues calls for applications and establishes submission deadlines. Submissions are to be made to the SLA Office by mail, email or fax, using the application form provided by the SLA Office and available on the SLA website.

Candidates are required to complete the Saskatchewan Libraries Bursary Grant Application form and supply all post-secondary academic transcripts, two letters of reference and proof of admission or enrolment to a library school.

Grant applications are reviewed by the Maureen Woods Education Bursary Subcommittee under the auspices of the SLA Fundraising Committee. For more information about the bursary please contact the SLA Office by phone at 306- 780-9413 or via email at

Deadline for applications: October 30 (Annually)

Maureen Wood Bursary Application

Online Application

Mary Donaldson Award of Merit

Applications are invited for the 2018 Mary Donaldson Award. The Mary Donaldson Memorial Trust was established in 1966 to honour the memory of Mary Donaldson, who was Saskatchewan’s first Provincial Librarian from 1951 until her death in 1966. The Mary Donaldson Award of Merit was established in 1977 to provide a bursary to a full-time or part-time Saskatchewan student enrolled in a library and information technician program. The award will be presented during the annual Saskatchewan Library Association Conference in May. Please note the deadline for applications is March 31, 2018.

Past Mary Donaldson Award of Merit Recipients

1977 Charlotte Vanstone
1978 Debra McKnight
1979 Dawn Snedker
1980 Anita Hauck
1981 Jaclyn Shanks
1982 Dawna St. Marie
1983 Marilyn Lorenz
1984 Doreen Cutting
1985 Mary Conway
1986 Cindy Brenholen
1987 Christel McConachie
1989 Nancy Groat
1990 Donna Marie Cooke
1991 Roxanne Harde
1992 Eleanor Funk
1993 Marlene Kozak
1994 Judy Curren
1995 Katherine Bennet
1996 Eleasa Exner
1997 No award given
1998 Susan Rudolph
1999 No award given
2000 Marion Amyotte
2001 Susan Botari
2002 Darla Allen
2003 Justina Portland Datta
2004 Danielle Demers
2005 Angela Schnell
2006 Tamara Shiels
2007 Cui Yan (Wendy) Lu
2008 Hongru Liu
2009 Danielle Lees
2010 Erin Klis
2014 Gail Lasiuk
2015 James Nobel
2016 Brittany Pickering
2017 Laura Greenshields

Application Process

Applicants are required to complete the Mary Donaldson Award of Merit Application  Mary Donaldson Award of Merit

For more information about the award please contact the SLA Office by phone at 306-780-9413 or  email at

Deadline March 31 annually.

Applications should be sent via mail or fax to:

Dorothea Warren
Executive Director
Saskatchewan Library Association
15- 2010 7th Ave, Regina SK
S7K 3R5
Tel: 306- 780-9409
Fax: 306-780-9447




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